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Six Things that Make Us Different

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  • We invest outside of Silicon Valley and Boston. This reduces competition by 85%.
  • We are emerging managers. Statistically we outperform established managers.
  • We have been execs in tech giants and we have been founders. We know operations.
  • We are registered.
  • We offer an evergreen fund, which offers LPs exit options.
  • We use a proprietary algorithm for valuations and to prepare our portfolio for exit.

Be Helpful Podcast with Gboyega Adebayo

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  • Advice for entrepreneurs.
  • What was your dream as a kid?
  • What was your first action as an entrepreneur?
  • What books would you recommend to entrepreneurs?

Venture Capital for Universities

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  • Evergreen fund structure
  • Lower fees
  • Partner focus
  • Professor's perspective

Protestor Demands of University Endowments

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  • What protestors are demanding
  • How universities are responding
  • Complexity of managing endowments
  • How endowment managers achieve objectives